The Four Most Important Ways to Create a Longevity Lifestyle

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The Four Pillars of Longevity

Longevity takes a holistic view of our health and fitness, emphasizing that the human body is not a body of pieces and parts. Longevity, rather, recognizes that our bodies are a compilation of numerous, dynamic, and interdependent systems.  And when we take this systemic, holistic perspective in our lifestyle and fitness choices, we find greater success. We create a stronger, healthier, and more resilient body - physically and mentally. 

The Four Pillars of Longevity are:
  • The Vitality of the Mind
  • The Capacity of the Body
  • The Resilience of Our Systems
  • The Pursuit of Well-Being. 
The Vitality of the Mind
“Where the body goes, the mind follows.”
I am unsure of the original author of this quote, but it holds a great deal of truth. Science has found in many research studies that our psychology definitely impacts our physiology. Our experience as a human is shaped by our thoughts, beliefs, and perceptions as well by our cognitive function and performance. 
  • Optimism, a growth mindset, positive language about aging help keep our cells and systems young.
  • Problem solving, concentration, and focus are cognitive traits and skills that help keep our brains healthy. 
The Capacity of the Body

Tapping our body’s innate ability to improve its function at any age can slow biological aging and help us be stronger, healthier, and more resilient. The most important areas to focus are:
  • Movement and Exercise
  • Nutrition
  • Rest and Rejuvenation
The Resilience of Our Systems

The human body by design is an incredibly resilient organism. But life distorts its ability to rise to the demands our lives place on them and to return to its essential steady state, known as homeostasis.  Mastering the interplay of stress and recovery (from stress) involves:
  1. Maintaining a high quality of sleep
  2. Keeping stress at bay 
  3. Making sure the body (and mind) know how to rest.
The Pursuit of Well-Being

Investing our energy into the pursuits that are most satisfying to us (and our psyches) is essential to our overall health. A positive sense of well-being is correlated to
  • Having positive connections with other people,
  • Living with purpose by instilling our highest values in our everyday activities,
  • Ensuring our efforts in life are meaningful and bring a deep satisfaction.  
Longevity science suggests pursuits with these intentions improves the health and performance of our bodies at the deepest levels. With these pursuits, we can change for the better the health and function of our cells.

With Longevity, we add health to our years and years to our health.  

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Pam Strand
Pam Strand
For the last 20 years, Pam has been a personal trainer and life coach. She is also a Mindfulness & Meditation teacher and Breathwork professional. Pam is owner of Strand Fitness Online.
The Four Most Important Ways to Create a Longevity Lifestyle
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