Navigating Stress: My Personal Journey in Restoring My Energy

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In this episode of the Longevity Gym podcast, host Pam Strand discusses the crucial aspects of managing stress and anxiety for a healthier, more vibrant life.

Sharing insights from her own journey and coaching certification studies, Pam emphasizes that stress management and recovery are not just about reducing what worries us but also about improving our reaction and adaptation to life's demands. She outlines a personalized approach involving stress awareness, intentional stress management, and recovery practices. 

Pam shares her personal strategies for enhancing energy and well-being, including: 
  1. Better management of mental and emotional demands, 
  2. Enriching social connections, 
  3. Adapting exercise to be more restorative, 
  4. Focusing on nutritious eating, and 
  5. Setting healthy boundaries. 

Additionally, she highlights the use of wearable technology for 
  • monitoring stress and recovery metrics, 
  • supporting a more objective and accountable approach to personal health. 

Pam's experiences and insights serve as a guide for listeners seeking to improve their stress management strategies and overall energy levels.

Overview of Episode

00:00 Welcome to the Longevity Gym: Managing Stress and Anxiety
00:25 The Personal Journey of Stress Management
00:50 Understanding Stress: More Than Just What We Worry About
01:40 Practical Steps to Stress Management and Recovery
03:20 Learning from Others: Community Insights on Stress Relief
05:57 The Role of Wearable Devices in Monitoring Stress
07:30 Key Strategies for Reducing Stress and Enhancing Recovery
08:16 The Five Pillars of Personal Stress Management
16:29 Closing Thoughts and Invitation to Connect

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If you seek to improve your health and restore your energy, I hope you find this episode helpful and encouraging. My journey is a work in progress, but I hope you can learn and gather ideas from my path. 

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Creators and Guests

Pam Strand
Pam Strand
For the last 20 years, Pam has been a personal trainer and life coach. She is also a Mindfulness & Meditation teacher and Breathwork professional. Pam is owner of Strand Fitness Online.
Navigating Stress: My Personal Journey in Restoring My Energy
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