Age Strong and Age Better with Meditation

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Meditation is hygiene for the mind and the brain.

In today’s world, our minds have been trained to go in so many different directions and be in so many different places, seemingly at the same time. Our attention goes on auto-pilot. It goes where our thoughts take it and where the external demands say it must go. As a result, we have little control over our attention. And we lose our choice to be where we want to be. 

This relentless demand for our attention to go anywhere but where we want it to go works against the goal of keeping our minds and brains healthy as we age. It drains us of our mental and physical energy, creates negative thought patterns, increases stress, and makes life seem out of balance. 

In this episode of The Longevity Gym, Pam Strand, certified meditation and mindfulness teacher, explains how meditation is a powerful tool for maintaining mental and brain health as we age. 

  • Meditation, in its most simplest form, is using a focal point to train our attention. Anyone can meditate - there is no prerequisite of having a quiet mind. 

  • Meditation has been scientifically proven to add gray matter to our brains and improve cellular health, which can slow down biological aging. And, in some cases, it is shown to slow age-related memory loss.

  • A consistent practice has many physical and mental health benefits, for example lowered blood pressure, improved mental states, control of anxiety.

  • Cognitive health and performance also improves with meditation - enhanced focus, greater attention span, mental clarity and dexterity.

  • People who meditate experience less stress, better sleep, and more enjoyment and satisfaction in life. 

  • Experimenting with the different meditation techniques can help you find the best one for you.

  • There are important things to know about meditating before you begin. If you wonder if it is safe and healthy for you, be sure to consult your doctor. 

At the end of the episode, Pam shares one of her guided meditations. Tune into the 10 minute meditation and bring more calm and ease into your day. 

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Pam Strand
Pam Strand
For the last 20 years, Pam has been a personal trainer and life coach. She is also a Mindfulness & Meditation teacher and Breathwork professional. Pam is owner of Strand Fitness Online.
Age Strong and Age Better with Meditation
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